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Current problems with hiring today

33% of American workers are engaged at work vs. 70% of workers at the world’s best organizations.

Source: State of the American Workplace Report Gallup 2017

Internal hiring is 6x more effective than all other sources of hiring.

Source: Jobvite 2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report

The Future of Work Is About Using Intelligence in Human Resource Management.

Use insight-driven data to help you hire top-notch recruits and unlock the best of your employees well beyond the hiring stage and into their tenure.

Manage Self-Aware, High-Performance Individuals, Teams and Organizations.

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Who Else Does Wired2Perform Benefit?

Effective human resource management isn’t easy

When teams are created and managed with insights on each member’s behavioral strengths, weaknesses and communication style the end result is true workplace magic. Our proprietary software of team management tools and management coaching sets your businesses’ leadership up for success.

Drive Self-Awareness and Growth Through Personalized Psychometrics.

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