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Behaviorally Smart™ Calendar

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How many tools are you using to conduct your meetings?

How do know and manage the people in the room when everyone is remote or virtual?

Behaviorally Smart™ Calendar combines the insights and tools to revolutionize the way we conduct meetings and make drastically more productive...


  • Share your Calendar for easy scheduling that keeps everyone on the same page and more productive.
  • See Behavioral profiles of attendees and connect with others in a more in-depth way by pulling behavioral data and analytics from each attendee into your scheduled meeting.

During Meeting:

  • Crowd-sourced Meeting Notes taken real-time and shared among attendees within the organization or externally.
  • Streamline Task Management by assigning a tasks to any of the attendees of the meeting or your colleagues who aren't in the meeting and get real-time updates. Keep everyone in sync and keep things moving without waiting for further status update meeting(s) or email(s).

Post Meeting:

  • Consolidated meeting notes saved to meeting that you can follow up on later so you never miss a detail or note from the meeting. You can also export these to your popular note taking apps.
  • Share and View video recordings from your meetings right in our app.
  • Task management and Accountability that drives results.
  • Robust Meeting Analytics that help you see and track how you are spending your time and make informed decisions to increase productivity levels.

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