Microsoft Teams

With Wired2Perform®, supercharge your Microsoft Teams with Behavioral Science and People Analytics to enrich your teams and be more productive.

Wired2Perform® is a purpose-driven company, combines behavior science and advanced analytics to sync people with the best available opportunities and help talent leaders grow, optimize, and access a more adaptable workforce.

Please note that you must be a user of Wired2Perform® to use it in your Microsoft Teams application. Not a user yet? Sign up by visiting

For a better experience, you need to be a member of an organization created inside the Wired2Perform® application.

1. Select the Wired2Perform® App from Microsoft Teams App directory.

2. Login to Wired2Perform® using your Wired2Perform® login credentials.

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3. Select an organization from the list.

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4. Once an organization is selected, you are able to see the list of members in there.

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5. Select a member to view and understand his behavioral insights.

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Need Additional Help?

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