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Syncing Talent with Opportunities

To Achieve Your Greatest Potential

Whether you're an individual, a business or community looking to reach new heights, Wired2Perform is here to help. From behavioral science-based assessments to automated tools and robust analytics, our patented approach to matching, engaging and retaining talent is built for the "now" of work.

A Depth of Results You Use Today


Use Individual Adaptability Scores™ and Coachability Scores™ to become more self-aware and develop skills, interests, talents, and aspirations.


Learn more about your friends, family, or co-workers by inviting them to connect with you. Diving into others' Behavioral Profiles can help you understand them better.


Improve communication and collaboration, teams, optimize change and opportunities in your life.

Noteworthy Features

Your patented Wired2Perform® Dynamic Growth Profile goes deeper than traditional psychometric profiles. As you learn new skills and form new interests, your profile continuously recalibrates to your evolving skills, interests, talents, and aspirations, balancing your personal growth against real-time career opportunities. Knowing where you can thrive helps you perform better every day!

  • See your personality and traits in minutes
  • Outline your skills, interests, talents, and aspirations
  • Share with family, friends, and connections to understand each other better
  • Study your report to learn useful and important findings
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Get down to business with a calendar that helps you save time and maximize your meetings.

  • Set availability to easily share meeting appointment scheduler
  • Collaborate and create agendas shared with attendees
  • Deep insights on attendees behavioral and communication Styles
  • Next level meeting analytics on how you spend your time
  • Assign tasks and take notes on the platform to cut down on follow up
  • Integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Office

Compare Dynamic Profiles

Invite a connection to compare your results to theirs. A powerful tool for coaches, mentors, relationships, and team building.

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Supercharge with Behavioral Science.

Integrated with Slack!, Google Suite, Microsoft Teams and more, Wired2Perform combines the mobility of social profiles with the depth of enterprise talent management platform making it easy for leaders to visualize dynamic teams and talent potential in real time.

Engineered for talent and team mobility, Wired2Perform growth profiles are tethered to the individual and accessible right in the flow of work.

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"As a distributed organization, it's very important for us to understand how our current talent is evolving in real-time so we can put the right person in the right role quickly. Wired2Perform's People Analytics, Dynamic Growth Profiles and Clone features accelerate our Talent Sourcing and Strategic Change Management initiatives. We rely on Wired2Perform to understand team dynamics and create high-performance teams."

Mike Vellano, CEO | Vortex Companies


“The results are amazingly accurate. I wish I had this when I was about 20 years old; it would have saved me the last 20 years of figuring things out. “

Matt Taylor, EVP | The Angelo Group

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