Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler replaces other schedulers by using Behavioral Science and People Analytics.

Wired2Perform®'s Meeting Scheduler is the first of its kind to help you manage your time more effectively while increasing the likelihood of your meetings being productive. We all have limited time to meet with others in a day, so it's up to us to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness when we do meet. The Behaviorally Smart™ Meeting Scheduler helps you to do just that, by helping you eliminate poor meeting practices and maximize the behaviors that make meetings effective.

Start Using Meeting Scheduler

Link your calendar with Google or Office 365 for Instant Integration of your Schedule.

Share your Customizable URL with the meeting invitee to view available times and choose a slot.

Meeting Scheduler creates an event on your Behaviorally Smart™ Calendar. Attend a meeting and use Crowd-Sourced Notes, Tasks, and Behavioral Profiles to get the most out of your meeting.

Unlock meeting analytics that shows how you are spending your time in meetings down to the hours, companies, and individuals you meet with.

Intuitive Dashboard for your clients, connections, co-workers, and leads to easily connect.

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We grab the information for you and send out an email to both parties so you know who you are meeting.

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An overview of confirmation and your behavioral profile to help the guest get to know you better.

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