5 Ways to Understand Your Top Performers

Here are 5 ways to understand your Top Performers using behavioral science and people analytics in your organization daily wired2perform

Have you ever noticed an employee in your company interested in the quality of a task they have to do rather than just getting it done? A person who is always looking to expand their skill set and not be afraid of decision-making where necessary? Well, that could be a top performer in your organization. Generally, when dealing with top performers, it is essential to understand them in terms of their skills, interests, talents, and aspirations (SITA) to ensure that your organization is keeping these people engaged and motivated whilst giving them exciting new projects to boost their enthusiasm.

Understanding a top performer’s future aspirations could be a difficult task for many but not with Wired2Perform®. For example, if you are looking to decide what is the next step for your Senior Software Engineering performer, would you as the management immediately consider a management position that is a commonly used approach? What if he/she is a really good technical person, that is very much passionate about programming problem-solving? If you promote such a person to a manager role which is almost completely opposite to what the person is currently doing as an engineer; they will now have to work on new items like stakeholder communications, people management, and more managerial tasks rather than technical work. In reality, the ideal next step for that person would have been to place that individual into a Lead Engineer or a Software Architect role. This would involve getting more challenging programming tasks and mentoring fellow engineers that would be more ideal for their future aspirations and increase job satisfaction.

How can you, as a manager or HR executive of an organization, understand these people that are crucial to business growth and keep your fellow performers happy while driving job satisfaction? The science-backed Wired2Perform® assessment can provide behavioral insights of the employee’s within your organization through their workplace insights, sales insights, workplace talent insights. For example, some of the below data and insights from Wired2Perform® can make a manager’s life easier and make your organization more effective as you don’t have to solely depend on intuition alone to recommend what would be the best career path for your performers.

Here are 5 ways to understand your Top Performers

1. Behavioral profiles and their insights

Behavioral profiles are the future of people analytics, The below workplace insights table of a behavior profile says that a performer has 79% to make decisions confidently quickly, 76% quickly make decisions over the 21% takes time in decision-making, and 24% committee-based decision-making. This is data evidence in addition to the true potential you have seen in this particular performer’s data we are analyzing probably a managerial position. You can now go for a discussion prepared with science-backed behavioral data in the back of your mind with a blend of intuition and instinct to make a fellow performer’s life better.

2. Comparison of performers to identify uniqueness using Wired2Perform® clone tool

Using the Wired2Perform® cloning tool you can compare different employees within an organization to identify what their performance keys are compared to other performers based on talents, role, environment, and other behavior and career insights.

3. Understanding your performers through Wired2Perform® team reports

Team reports display powerful insights to your organization's teams which you would have thought was never possible. Empowering your organization with a database of employee behavioral data, talent, and performance level data through a psychometric assessment. It is not merely an assessment but enables results to be converted into team performance reports. One widget offers a team a performance report, the following widget shows pioneers within your team. If you analyze the bar graph it says that Lucas Washington’s pioneering rank is 58 compared to his other team members represented by the remaining bars.

Lucas’s Coachability Score is 72 compared to his other team members.

This level of in-depth analytics helps an organization have an upper hand in employee retention and reduce turnover rates since the management is now enabled to make data-driven decisions that are 250% more accurate than using intuition itself.

4. Employee's decision making parameters

The Wired2Perform® test enables you to see employee natural business decision-making scores. Read the description in the below image to understand how decision-making parameters are calculated.

5. Explore how employees SITA grows over time

In Wired2Perform®, SITA stands for Skills, Interests, Talents, and Aspirations. A Wired2Perform® employee’s profile enables you to see how they have advanced throughout time on their SITA. This is an eye-opener for managers, HR, and chief executives how rapidly their employees have been grooving over time using visuals.

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Author: Sanjeeva Samarawira