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Transitioning out of the military can be tough, particularly for those who have experienced life-changing trauma. And the thought of attaining a civilian job may feel even more overwhelming. That’s where Wired2Perform® can help.

Our patented approach aligns personal growth, behavioral insights and work/life experience with real-time career opportunities and automated tools. Wired2Perform cultivates relationships, not transactions. We’re also using data analytics to help employers think differently when it comes to matching veterans with jobs. All that put together adds confidence and most importantly, supports long-term success for veterans in the workforce outside the structure of military life.

Serving Those Who Have Served: The Wired2Perform Advantage.

Behavioral science-based assessments & mentor /mentee matching.

Integration with O*NET & dynamic, automated resume builder.

Upskilling & reskilling tools, plus customizable social communities.

Continuous engagement & ongoing learning through micro-content.

Dedicated talent marketplace designed for helping military veterans and hiring managers think beyond a resume.