Talent is more equally distributed than opportunity.

Behavioral Insights (what someone is born with) + their Skills, Interests, Talents and Aspirations + Opportunities =

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Our Goal:

Positively impact 1 BILLION interpersonal relationships by 2025.

Synch Talent with Opportunity.

We’re on a mission to empower people to understand their skills, interests, talents and aspirations and help the organizations they work for synch that talent with the best opportunities to thrive. Built to support the talent marketplace of the future, Wired2Perform® is the next generation talent platform you’ve been waiting for.

99% of respondents believe CPOs must have the agility and courage to evolve, yet only 35% said today’s CPOs are prepared to respond.

of businesses believe school graduates are unprepared for the world of work.


of respondents believe CPOs must have the agility and courage to evolve, yet only 35% said today’s CPOs are prepared to respond.

1 in 5

employees say they have the skills they need.

Emerging and Existing Talent is Unprepared for the Roles of the Future.

Leadership demands a whole new set of skills. Learning strategies need an overhaul. Authentic employee culture is the employment brand. Right now, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’ve got to understand how your people are wired to perform and how they actually behave in order to optimize learning, refocus their talents and keep your highest performers engaged.

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The New World of Work Doesn't Work for Everyone.

We Help Organizations Work Better.

Staying Engaged

43% of those WFH say they are communicating with their colleagues less.

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Wired2Perform helps you:

Have Engaging Conversations

Wired2Perform® helps teams connect on a deeper level and stay engaged, even from home.

Preparing for Changing Roles

70% of workers say they haven’t even mastered the skills they need for their current job.

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Wired2Perform helps you:

Create an Agile Learning Approach

Wired2Perform® helps individuals quickly identify skills gaps and seek just the right training to move forward.

Leading With More Heart

60% of new managers fail within their first 24 months.

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Wired2Perform helps you:

Redefine Effective Leadership

Wired2Perform® helps you understand who has the personality traits and behavior profiles to become the next generation of effective leaders.


"Wired2Perform's Behaviorally Smart Calendar is a game-changer. Our internal and external teams use it for pre-meeting planning, real-time collaboration during the meeting and post-meeting analytics. Our meetings have never been more productive."

Matias Klein | CEO, Kognition

Enable a Culture of Sustainable Growth Through Better Engagement.

With Wired2Perform®, organizations can reduce the time it takes for new employees to attain greater productivity, enhance overall levels of productivity, and extended the tenure of employees by matching their traits and aspirations with the work they are involved in.


Overcome Unique Challenges

Customer Facing Roles

Sales, Commercial Teams, Customer Service

Quickly identify employees or candidates with the right personality, behaviors and natural strengths such as communication skills, empathy, patience, adaptability and ability to learn about products or services.

Workinsights sales

High Performance Team Development

Technology, Product, Engineering, Attorneys, Management Consulting

Understand the unique personality, behaviors and skills of your best performers and protect them from burnout by creating more team members with similar profiles.



Advisor productivity, client matching, and hiring for talent fit.

A better way to advise and coach:

  • Gauge Meetings - know who you are meeting and time spent with clients to determine profitability.
  • Review Efficiency - determine workload contrasted with overall ROI per client.
  • Know Your Metrics - see more clearly which clients bring the most value— ultimately saving time and resources for both the client and advisor.
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Embed Behavioral Science Into All of Your Technology Tools.

Assessments Tools

Wired2Perform® measures and recalibrates skills, interests, talents and aspirations, but take that one step further to identify and articulate behaviors, communication styles and learning preferences.

Learning Platforms

Wired2Perform® optimizes change management resources by identifying workforce adaptability and coachability to map individual learning to a tangible career path.

Engagement Tools

Wired2Perform® helps identify and match the right personalities that suit a specific role, team or task. By orchestrating better conversations Wired2Perform helps reduce team stress, improve meeting productivity and deliver better outcomes.

HRIS Systems

Wired2Perform® empowers talent teams to embed behavioral science into your process, no matter what HRIS technology platform you use. Please reach out to discuss integration capabilities with your HRIS system.