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Employee Productivity

In the now of work, behavioral science can be a better way to operate and collaborate.

We're having more conversations with people we haven't met on collaborative threads in tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and more. So Wired2Perform embeds behavioral profiles within these channels helping team members understand how they can communicate best to each other right when it matters most in real-time during a conversation or meeting.

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Wired2Perform's Approach to Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is an important process for any company. By understanding your new hire's needs, you are more likely to set them up for success. Wired2Perform has a five-step approach to employee onboarding that will ensure the best possible outcomes for both the company and the individual.


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Employee Productivity

New Monthly Subscriptions Starting at $9.95 Per Month for Each Employee!

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Take The Guess Work Out of Hiring

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Employee Productivity

How Behavioral Science Enriches Team Communications

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Nonprofits Will Need to Increase Focus on Their People

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Hiring Decision-Making is Now Smarter!

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Employee Motivation

Ongoing Need for Personal Development and Career Growth

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Employee Productivity

4 Ways to Have More Productive Meetings

Here are 5 ways to understand your Top Performers using behavioral science and people analytics in your organization daily wired2perform

5 Ways to Understand Your Top Performers

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Not Just Another Personality Assessment