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Raghu Misra Founder & CEO of Wired2Perform and the link Named a Technology Leader of the Year

The Jacksonville Business Journal recognized Raghu Misra and nine other Northeast Florida-based professionals as Technology Leaders of the Year during an awards celebration in Jacksonville, Florida today. Every year, The Business Journal honors men and women whose technology leadership has helped area organizations grow, overcome challenges and shape the future.

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Wired2Perform Appoints Gina Mangus Chief Strategy Officer

Wired2Perform, a behavioral science-based workforce engagement, analytics and self-awareness software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, announced today the appointment of Gina Mangus to Chief Strategy Officer. In this role, Ms. Mangus will work closely with the CEO to guide the organization’s strategic direction with an emphasis on growth, innovation and partnerships. She will also oversee Wired2Perform’s marketing, communications and business development programs, advancing Wired2Perform’s aim to help individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, communities and non-profit organizations achieve their greatest potential.

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