Have a happier, more fulfilled life.

It takes self-awareness to help you grow, stay productive and reach for your best opportunities.


Grow Yourself

Become self-aware and grow into your desired career opportunities with curated learning based on your skills, interests, talents and aspirations.


Interpersonal Relationships

Have better conversations and meetings by understanding the communication styles of your colleagues, friends and family.


Access Better Networks

Discover and access the micro social networks that align with your skills, interests, talents and aspirations.

Grow Yourself

Visualize how you are uniquely wired to perform.

Your Wired2Perform® Dynamic Growth Profile goes deeper than traditional psychometric profiles. As you learn new skills and form new interests, your profile continuously recalibrates to your evolving skills, interests, talents and aspirations, balancing your personal growth against real-time career opportunities. Knowing where you can thrive helps you perform better every day!

  • Show others your skills, interests, talents and career aspirations.
  • Understand where your current skills line up to open opportunities in the market.
  • Get matched with mentors.

Optimize Meetings

Have more productive meetings and better collaboration.

Behaviorally Smart™ Calendar gives you the ability to optimize every meeting. Right at the calendar invite level, you can collaborate on the agenda, prepare to contribute and understand the goals of every meeting before you attend.

Pre Meeting:

  • Share calendar for easy scheduling.
  • See Behavioral profiles of the attendees to prepare for a productive meeting
  • Collaborate with attendees on agenda, set expectations of the meeting, get on the same page before the meeting re: expected outcomes.
  • Hashtags to categorize meetings.

During Meeting:

  • Crowd-sourced meeting notes.
  • Task assignment and accountability.

Post Meeting:

  • Access / update consolidated meeting notes, meeting recordings, etc.
  • Task management and accountability.
  • Feedback on meetings and attendees in the meeting.
  • Personal meeting analytics.

  • Behavioral profiles are displayed within communication threads like Slack!, MS Teams, etc.
  • Synchs with Google, Outlook / Office 365 and other calendar tools.
  • Teams can understand the personality types and skill sets of the group and make suggestions if critical voices are not included.


Get quick feedback and keep your team accountable.

Wired2Perform’s closed-loop feedback system helps you and your team stay committed and accountable to growing your skills and talent.

  • Follow up and let people know you got their feedback.
  • Track and follow up on on meeting notes and tasks right from the calendar.
  • Measure and monitor your progress against your goals.
  • Improve the engagement and trust within your own teams.

Individual Optimize

Access Opportunities

Get matched to the tasks that suit your natural strengths and talents.

Wired2Perform® helps team leaders match you to the right tasks by understanding your adaptability and coachability to take on new challenges.

  • Stand out for your skills, interests, talents and aspirations.
  • Get matched to teams and tasks where you are most likely to thrive.
  • Make sure the teams you build have the right collaboration, innovation, decision making and communication skills.

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Access more opportunities for the jobs of the future.

Wired2Perform® helps talent leaders find you based on your skills, interests, talents and aspirations to the most engaging and available opportunities. You own your Wired2Perform® profile, just like you own your LinkedIn profile!

  • Consistently update organizations on the new skills you acquire.
  • Make yourself visible to leaders who are looking to hire internally at your organization.
  • Raise your hand as a future leader.

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