Be the best team you can be, together. #ValentinesDay

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According to neuroscience research on love, they say it takes one-fifth of a second to fall in love!

Wired2Perform exists to empower organizations and individuals with behavioral science and people analytics to become more self-aware and productive using technology and innovation. Today, it can be challenging to focus on others and not ourselves, our work, and our desires, even around a time like Valentine's Day.

We have a soft spot for families, relationships, and people coming together. That is why we launched our Valentine's Day Giveaway for three lucky couples or besties to win a Gold level account on our platform. They can use the platform to become more self-aware and more knowledgeable about the other person through learning about their behavioral factors, styles, and insights! We want to see folks be the best team they can be, together.

As we just learned, our feelings and physical make-up can lead us to fall in love rather quickly. But how do we sort out those feelings to make rational decisions based on understanding the other person? When we stop to take time to learn about ourselves and others around, it can inspire better conversations, choices, and communications. Learning about ourselves and others gives us a baseline for understanding each other.

We want everyone on our platform professionally and personally to find that spark in life. The people they love, the work they love, and the life that they love. To express that, the best way we know how we are extending a limited time offer and discount of 50% off our Gold and Platinum Level Accounts (click here to see features and benefits included) using the promo code CUPID2021.

We hope this helps you and yours connect on a deeper level and understanding. Please take a moment to go through your partner or besties behavioral profile to get to know them on a whole new level and let us know what you learned along the way. From all of us at Wired2Perform, have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Author: Blake Wisz