Drive Effective Communications Using Behavioral Science

Wired2 Perform Remote Working

Many of us have worked for organizations that don't always know how to communicate and engage with their teams, even when they strategize to do so on a regular basis. Our belief at Wired2Perform is that often people are not self-aware when communicating with others. We take time to study our industry and research new happenings or trends, but we rarely pause to take a moment to learn about ourselves. Study ourselves to enrich our lives and those around us.

Take a moment to think of the advantage an organization has when each team member understands each other's real-time behaviors. From the employee just starting to one who has helped grow the organization over the last 40 years. Now you can focus on maximizing each other's potential, have a deep understanding of decision-making styles, and see more behavioral factors that lead to better communication and collaboration. Over time, these understandings can help an organization have a better system for working together, whether in the office or working remotely.

When leaders engage their teams, we know it can inspire better work, relationships, and results. We've developed a revolutionary platform that fuels teams with actionable insights, Behaviorally Smart tools, and trend mapping to help your organization thrive. We've also incorporated a feedback loop for your teams to share weekly feedback with your managers. Allowing you to Grow, Access, and Engage with our workforce or team.

We know that driving effective communications can be rough, and that is why our team is here to serve you. Wired2Perform integrates with Google Workplace, Slack!, Office 365, and very soon Microsoft Teams. We bring the technology to what your team uses and loves, but you have a beautiful home feed to see the latest within your organization or network and your behavioral insights when you come to our platform.

Drive Effective Communications
Author: Blake Wisz