Hiring Decision-Making is Now Smarter!

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Is your business hiring? Then this message is for you! On average a corporate job posting receives 250 applicants with only 4 to 6 of those individuals actually being called into the office for an interview. How many people are companies overlooking that could be a good fit for the role or future roles? Well, with our process you can capture that information and drawn on it anytime you need to when a role arises or to have a deeper understanding of who is applying for that role.

Start learning more about your applicants for all recruiting in your organization on Wired2Perform. You can send an invite to a future applicant to know more about their personality archetype and behavior as well as their Skills, Interests, Talents, and Aspirations.

Here are the steps to get started:
We've heard from companies using this profound tool to help really get to know who is coming into their organization. Saving you the headache of a bad hire or not really getting to know each applicant at a personal level. Let our team know if you have any questions we would be happy to get you started today.
Author: Blake Wisz