How Behavioral Science Enriches Team Communications

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In a fast-paced, growing organization, it is normal for individuals to feel pressure to produce the best results possible for an organization. As a result, this can create every day tensions or miscommunications. In addition, individual behaviors and communication styles affect team dialogue and how they work together. To improve these communications, individuals must first understand themselves and, secondly, understand their team members. And when our teams communicate well, we open the possibilities to better ideas, projects, and outcomes.

Wired2Perform uses a tried and true behavioral assessment to create an individual profile for every person on your team. That individual can then study their behaviors, communication styles, performance keys, career report, and much more to understand themselves. The problem is how do we use this information from behavioral science daily? We've incorporated these patented dynamic profiles into our platform and those we integrate with so that you can see these critical insights of the person you are communicating with while you are in a meeting, chatting, or emailing with them.

When asked Mike Velksfda, CEO of Vortex Companies, about Wired2Perform, he said, "As a distributed organization, it's very important for us to understand how our current talent is evolving in real-time so we can put the right person in the right role quickly. Wired2Perform's People Analytics, Dynamic Growth Profile, and Clone feature to accelerate our Talent Sourcing and Strategic Change Management initiatives. In addition, we rely on Wired2Perform to understand team dynamics and create high-performance teams."

When we take the time to rally behind our employees, teams, and people within our organization, it enables us to have better communications and lead our people to new growth potential. These two significant needs in our in-house and remote workforces will disrupt the way people use the information around their diverse behavioral groups within companies to make improvements on both fronts. Thus, paving a path to better team communications, understanding, and development.

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Author: Blake Wisz