How psychometric software is changing the game in the corporate sector


Recent data indicates that the use of psychometric software in the workplace is on the rise. Gone are the days a good resume, excellent interview skills, and a spruced up LinkedIn profile is enough to land a job. Increasingly, corporations are taking a deeper dive into the personality of candidates using psychometric tests to look for a cultural fit along with top talent.

Psychometric software is an excellent tool for helping companies predict and understand important personality factors about a candidate applying for a job at their company. With open roles receiving close to thousands of applications, a psychometric software can be used to assess each candidate’s personality; an approach that’s only increasing popularity.

Psychometric software can ensure culture-fit and higher retention rates

If your dream job is in a company that has made a name in their industry, chances are that they have a stringent recruitment process.

With 75% of employees quitting their jobs before completing five years in their workplace and with job-hopping becoming a serious trend, the need to acquire top talent and ensure a perfect culture fit are a few ways corporates are working towards better retention rates.

Psychometric testing aids in selecting candidates with a personality that makes a seamless fit with existing employees in a company. While some use psychometric software to filter out individuals with problematic personality traits such as poor integrity or aggressive behavior during the recruitment process, some corporations use such tools for team development.

Psychometric software can help us gain insights about an individual’s inherent skills, strengths, and competencies and this, in turn, could help companies assess if these align with their vision and mission.

Using such testing, you can hire candidates that are bound to be interested and passionate about working for your company.

Psychometric software can be used to increase productivity and engagement

Psychometric tests can be used to understand the performance, productivity and engagement levels of existing employees in a company. This can be achieved through in-depth insights on the strengths and weaknesses of an individual’s personality, which are yielded at the end of each assessment.

A company gains the ability to develop high-performance teams, enable management to identify drawbacks and correct them, and help employees create personalized career development plans by setting goals that correspond to their strengths and personality traits, just by using a single software.

Boosting productivity directly corresponds to increased revenue. This means, even if it costs to use psychometric software, the returns you make are immeasurable.

Personalized self-development plans for employees

Psychometric software also enables managers to deliver performance feedback in real-time, replacing the traditional annual feedback that employees receive, which, truth be told, aren’t the most effective ways of finetuning employee performance.

Drawing on psychometric evaluations, employees are motivated to pursue their own career development.

Advanced psychometric tests even help employees improve their skills by personalizing, adapting, and scaling the coaching programs used to develop employees’ strengths. Such software utilizes machine learning to individualize strategies used by managers.

By helping individuals understand their strengths and potential, psychometric software facilitates personal learning and growth. Also, the interests and values specified in the feedback can be a guide for employees to consider their preferences for future career decisions.

Psychometric testing can replace competency evaluations

Research suggests that psychometric testing is most effective in combination with other measures with higher predictive validity such as cognitive ability or integrity tests. Therefore, psychometrics can be used as a method to predict competency levels in candidates.

If you’re ever unsure about using psychometric software in your recruitment process, let examples from these top companies change your mind. For instance, Proctor and Gamble uses a two-part psychometric software, with the first part determining culture fit and the second, determining candidates’ reasoning abilities in terms of numerical, verbal, and logical skills and abstract reasoning.

Hire the best fit for any position

Predictions are a vital part of making business decisions in any company. Psychometric software helps you make predictions about the people you want to hire for your organization.

Gather in-depth insights about candidates, hire people with the greatest probability of success while ensuring culture fit, boost productivity and performance of your employees, and drive the growth of your business with the use of psychometric software.

Author: Raghu Misra