How recruitment software can help you hire the right person – not the right resume

Recruitment software

Hiring and screening processes are increasingly being automated and recruitment software is largely used by employers to help them hire the right talent for their companies. Traditional methods of hiring are taking a back seat and new tech is being used and embraced by recruiters and employers alike.

To attract the right talent for a job opening, a job brief is shared, listing the expectations for that role such as educational qualifications and expected experience. This estimation is made by looking at industry norms and company requirements.

However, the perfect candidate may have an untraditional career path with different but related qualifications and experience. Maybe the candidate’s knowledge and skills are transferrable or are in-demand even though they don’t correspond, directly, to the expected requirements.

In such instances, how can you make a calculated decision to hire the perfect person – and not the perfect resume – for the job? This is where recruitment software comes into play.

What is recruitment software?

All types of tech or software related to and used in the recruitment process can be identified as recruitment software. This includes the various technological solutions that are available for each part of the recruitment funnel from sourcing and attracting candidates to preselecting, interviewing, and hiring.

Since organizations are increasingly accepting onboarding as part of the recruitment process, tech and software targeting recruitment are incorporating this aspect into their products too. Certain types of recruitment software even allow employers and recruiters to recruit employees internally for open positions and find suitable replacements.

How does recruitment software help identify the perfect candidate?

The biggest reason behind using recruitment software is to help automate and optimize the recruitment process in your company. Realistically, it can cut down on time and money spent filtering applications, pre-selecting possible matches, interviewing, and onboarding the top picks.

Today, there’s software that assesses the personality traits of pre-employment test-takers, allowing employers to utilize such recruitment software for internal recruitment. Certain software offers employers or recruiters the ability to match the strengths and skills of a former employee when recruiting for their now-vacant position, ensuring perfect job-fit.

If you’re a company with high application volumes, recruitment software can keep track of each individual’s progress and stage in the funnel and even save these profiles as a form of backup when a vacancy opens up in the future.

Even if you’re an entrepreneur starting your own business, recruitment software can help you cut down on time you would otherwise spend doing repetitive tasks. You can avoid making hiring blunders that impact the growth of your startup and utilize that time and resources on other avenues of growth.

When processes such as recruitment are automated, there’s no room for error and inefficiencies. Since each applicant is afforded the same treatment and assessment, it creates a more consistent candidate experience. As a result, they may spread the word about their positive experience at your company.

Recruitment software also helps companies reduce bias in their recruitment process, thereby facilitating greater diversity. Since this type of software doesn’t evaluate for components such as gender or race, recruitment assessments will be more unbiased and transparent.

Finally, these assessments can help employers find individuals who fit into their culture seamlessly, improving productivity, engagement, and employee retention. Simply put, recruitment software can help you hire the right person for the job, instead of the right resume.

Utilize recruitment software for better talent acquisition

A resume can only tell you so much about an individual.

Using recruitment software, find candidates who have the right talent, soft skills, are a good culture fit and understand how their passions align with your company’s mission and vision, and boost their productivity and engagement.

Save your time and resources and build relationships and teams that drive your company towards success and growth. Use recruitment software to hire candidates with the right instincts and the right skills.

Author: Raghu Misra