Is Your Organization Positioned to Start Reskilling?

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Before we jump right into the topic, there might be a few of you who are not in the industry or familiar with the term reskilling. Reskilling at the core is simply learning new skills to do a different job or training others in new skills to do a job. Why is this needed?

As the world advances with technologies, companies pivot or accelerate, or roles become rendered useless reskilling is a way to adapt to these rapid changes. According to the World Economic Forum, 54% of all employees will need significant reskilling by 2022! You may be thinking, well, why not just find a person with the skills already? And that may be an option for some roles but not for all...

Increasingly, there are new ways of doing business, tasks, jobs, and projects that render better outcomes. At Wired2Perform, we believe that finding and syncing talent with opportunities is one way to solve this problem. Still, when you get down to the economics, Reskilling saves time, money, and sheer energy of bringing in a new individual who might end up needing reskilling in just a few years from the point of hire.

Working with existing talent within your organizational structure can do wonders for both you and the individual. And in our opinion, when you work based on their Skills, Interests, Talents, and Aspirations, which we call SITA, you are leveraging a person's own motivations to reskill as they will likely be in favor of doing so vs. trying to find someone whose SITA does not align with the needed role.

When you join the Wired2Perform community, you take a brief assessment to help us gauge your behavioral profile. For instance, if your organization has an employee working in a position that may be phased out due to new processes but according to their profile is a Relationship Builder, they may be a good option to bring over to the Marketing Department as a Social Media Specialist and reskill to that role. This helps your organization maintain loyal team members and offers continued learning opportunities for staff.

While we are keeping our eyes on what the World Economic Forum has suggested by 2022, we also have our own inclinations when talking to a range of leaders that COVID has accelerated the need for reskilling due to pivoting and accelerating new businesses. Ultimately, when you help your team reskill, you pour into that individual's life, creating better people and better organizational outcomes.

Learn your team's SITAs with Wired2Perform and begin your roadmap to reskill or upskill your team,

Author: Blake Wisz