Maximize your time with Robust Calendar Features

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Maximize your time with Wired2Perform Calendar Features:

Start getting the most out of your day so you can focus on the things that matter is crucial to productivity and organized life. Here are some of the things you can do with your Wired2Perform Calendar and boost your day-to-day productivity.

1. Calendar Events

Create smart events that help you understand the type of people you are meeting and the most effective methods to communicate with each person based on their behavior data.

2. Event Agenda, Notes & Tasks

Are you tired of unorganized meetings? Wired2Perform Calendar allows you to create an agenda for each event to list items, assign responsibility to attendees and share them before meetings, so everyone is on the same page. In addition, take meeting notes, create tasks and assign responsible attendees before, during, and after meetings.

3. Multiple Calendar Sync

Sync any number of Google and Microsoft calendars to have a comprehensive spectrum view of your schedule and avoid meeting conflicts. Have a one-view glance at what your day, week, or month is looking like rather than having to view all your calendars separately, be it your work or personal calendars.

4. Multiple Event Schedulers

Create multiple schedules for your meetings. Be it for sales demos, scrum meetings, or coffee meetups with connections. Have different days and times allocated for these unique meetings so that you are more organized and share your unique availability URL with connections. You can create availability schedules by using any email address you have synced to the Wired2Perform Calendar.

5. Meeting Analytics

See how your meetings have progressed over time, the time spent based on meeting methods such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or in person. What type of personalities you have met with and the hours with those individuals or companies.

Author: Blake Wisz