Nonprofits Will Need to Increase Focus on Their People

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The nonprofit space continues to grow for many organizations; according to Double the Donation, online giving grew by 12.1% over the past year. We believe this is due to the increase in attention given to technology, innovation, and digital assets and tools of nonprofits as a whole. Now more than ever, there is hypervisibility to how organizations operate, spend down donation dollars, and raise funds.

To stay active and on the mission, nonprofits should consider how they are bringing new people into their organizations and how to retain them. Forbes reported that 45% of nonprofit employees would seek new employment by the end of 2025. There are several ways that we believe Wired2Perform can help to address this significant issue facing the nonprofit space using our platform.

One of the most important is creating a well-rounded board for the nonprofit that embraces technology and innovation while understanding its impact on organizational growth. With our platform, your organization can send a pre-assessment to each board member for consideration and create a team within Wired2Perform. The 15-minute assessment will give your organization real-time reporting on the archetype of a board member, their behavioral styles, and how they communicate. Allowing the organization to see how well-rounded the board is and ensuring they are behaviorally diverse for best decision-making on its behalf.

Secondly, hire the right people the first time. By sending an applicant invite to a potential hire, you can know more about them from a behavioral standpoint and their skills, interests, talents, and aspirations. Helping your organization to get to see the whole of the person applying. You also can add them to an existing team within the platform to see how they might fit into the mix. It is essential to see how people might collaborate day today.

Third, keep managers and leaders in the know with our Employee Mood feature, which allows you to ping staff weekly with questions to see how they are doing both personally and professionally. Questions can be customized and updated but will be given to the admins on the account to think through how to improve, keep up, or change efforts over time. Helping you also reduce the likely need of an employee not sharing honest feedback about their role.

Several more tools can help nonprofits retain and hire in the next few years on Wired2Perform. Making it the hub for your people. Several productivity tools and integrations can make employees day today and stay informed on company happenings, a common issue, so they feel involved. Nonprofits do so much for so many, and as they continue to embrace technology and innovation, they will continue to grow in how they work with staff, achieve their mission, and raise funds.

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Author: Blake Wisz