Not Just Another Personality Assessment

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Our team regularly talks about personality assessments, tools, and applications with business leaders worldwide, from a mom-and-pop business to c-suite executives in fintech. Today, more than ever, folks have a general working knowledge of personality assessments and how conducting them with a team could help drive better outcomes. Offering growth and improvements in communication, hiring, retention, and most of all, company growth. Sadly, many of these personality assessments render a multi-page PDF that folks scan through once and into the desk it goes. So, how is Wired2Perform® different?

Our platform uses behavioral science and people analytics in conjunction with a personality assessment to help your team create dynamic growth profiles that crush the competition. When you complete an evaluation, you receive a robust and insightful dashboard of insights and analytics, which places you into 1 of 10 camps:

  • Influencer
  • Engager
  • Community Builder
  • Relationship Builder
  • Facilitator
  • Adapter
  • Stylish Thinker
  • Reflective Thinker
  • Strategist
  • Initiator

From here, you can dive into understanding yourself better with behavioral factors, communication styles, and more. You can invite friends, co-workers, and connections to learn more and compare profiles with a click of a button. You can learn about your performance keys, work-life, work talent markers, natural behavior business decision-making parameters, and much more. And these are just a few of the many insights and learnings you receive from a 15-minute personality assessment to learn more about yourself.

Companies can use this personality assessment to grow, optimize, and engage their workforce. When companies are equipped with Wired2Perform®, they can make informed decisions using real-time reporting of employees, applicants, and those in their exclusive in-platform talent pool. We think our assessment and behavioral profiles are reason enough for your organization to move from others. It is time to move on from profiles missing full-feature platforms like DISC, Myers-Briggs, and others. We have even more value to bring to your organization.

When you join Wired2Perform®, you also unlock Behaviorally Smart™ Tools like:

  • Behaviorally Smart™ Calendar: Instantly connects with Gmail and Outlook, pre/in/post-meeting tools for items like complete overview of behaviors/profiles in the meeting and agendas for increased productivity
  • Home Feed: Share essential updates with your organization or clients in your network
  • Meeting Analytics: Help your employees know how they are spending their time
  • Meeting Scheduler: Personalized URL for each of your team members to share their calendar instantly and capture important lead information
  • Team and Organizational Trend Mapping
  • Cloning Tool: Mirror and existing employee to fill an empty role or seat on a time

Every day, we are making Wired2Perform® a hub for your employees and organization. Recently, a CEO said to us, "teams can work and track what they are doing right in the platform; it's like having a browser for your entire organization," and we couldn't agree more. Wired2Perform® can help organizations grow, optimize, and engage their teams. We see the potential for increased growth and decreased time/spending to find the right people for the proper role.

Join today with your enterprise to start using these tools and features,

Author: Blake Wisz