Save Time and Money with Talent Replacement Technology

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Positions within an organization are so important that missing human resources tools or steps in the hiring process to particular functions can cause substantial loss to a company. According to SHRM, a well-known HR professional certification provider says that the average time to replace an open position is 42 days. Likewise, filling out an open position as quickly as possible is very important to an HR professional and management of an organization that operates at a significant pace to thrive in the market and go head-on with its competitors.

When having to go through a talent replacement process, recruiters need to consider multiple criteria to prepare for the replacement, such as identifying the skills required. For example, an Influencer or Initiator would be suited well for a sales executive role to perform a great sales pitch, connecting with others, and the natural tendency to be outgoing. A Reflective Thinker on the other hand would likely thrive in a more research and strategic role using their natural ability to think through and process. Ironing out all these job criteria can sometimes be overwhelming and can even cause wasted time as a team in the hiring process. As we all know, appointments are necessary but, excessive meetings come with a significant cost for an organization and distracts from critical work a company could be putting into their growing their business or cause.

Imagine a recruiter having to go back through past training records, performance reviews, coaching feedback, and other documentation, and having to match critical skills with employees' current skills for internal transfers. After all this manual work is done, an evaluation needs to be completed among the HR Department and management teams to make sure you are finding the right talent. Many HR Departments may invest in third-party companies that generally charge high fees for these services and take time.

Although some of these steps, methods, and procedures are necessary, technology has caused a massive shift from the traditional approaches. Using behavioral science and people analytics in your talent funnel and process is a new step forward. Our platform possesses talent management and recruitment technologies that can be used with your existing employees and future applicants.

Wired2Perform® knows that replacement costs can reach as high as 50% to 60% of an employee's annual salary, with total costs associated with total turnover ranging from 90% to 200% of the yearly wage. To fix this issue, Wired2Perform® has developed a patent-pending Clone tool on the platform that can Clone the behavioral profiles of an organization employee within the Wired2Perform® and identify employees with similar capacity and criteria such as:

  • Desired work based on a person's talents
  • Desired tasks based on their current job role
  • Desired tasks based on an employee's environment
  • Desired tasks based on rewards an employee receives
  • Skill comparison among employees within your organization, network, or talent funnel

These capabilities can enable an organization to find a match for a vacancy or new recruitment and temporary replacement while your employee is on sick leave, vacation, or maternity leave.

How Does Wired2Perform® Do it?

Wired2Peform enables organizations to create their talent pool within their organization and invite existing or non-existing Wired2Perform® users to their private talent pool. Both types of applicants will have their unique behavioral profile consisting of behavioral styles, behavioral factors, Skills, Interests, Talents, and Aspirations (SITA). Using the Clone tool, you can create a desired job role profile template of an employee profile that needs to be replaced temporary or permanently and tweak the template information if you wish, such as the skills or desired tasks based on talents, etc. and attach that template to a job vacancy post you create within Wired2Perform®. You could also invite applicants via email or embed your talent pool on your organization's website or provide a joining key to join the pool. This approach replaces all the tedious tasks and traditional streamlining you need to identify new talent and expensive vacancy advertising costs. Once new talent applies for your vacancy, you can compare the applicants with the job profile you created to recognize the perfect match to the organization's recruitment, and you will start reaching out to potential talent in no time; it's that simple!

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Author: Sanjeeva Samarawira