Should Students Be Studying Themselves?

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Over the last several months, we've spoken with educators and students across the United States to better understand their goals. After using our platform, a seasoned educator said: "your behavioral science and people analytics platform would be great for any teacher walking in a room and have this tool in their toolbelt to inform their teaching style, topics, and more." In contrast, after hearing about Wired2Perform, Joe Lowder, Dean of Economic and Community Services said, "I always tell students you study so many subjects in school, but rarely study yourself," and we could not agree more.

Wired2Perform is built by a team that knows how to organize, showcase data, and help inform people how to get object "A" to point "B." Our assessment test that acts as a foundation for the entire platform experience has been used for over 20 years across industries in high functioning teams and organizations. Human Resource departments and professionals use our platform to help their employees become more self-aware and productive. To grow teams and help those internally and externally synch talent and opportunity. But shouldn't Schools, Universities, and educators be undertaking these same goals with their students.

We think so, and according to Gallup, as of 2021, only 27% of students had a job waiting for them upon graduation. There are many factors at play here, but we believe one large solution is helping students become more self-aware and using their Skills, Interests, Talents, and Aspirations, which we call (SITA) to drive and inform their desired studies and future career opportunities. Wired2Perform is also launching 'Communities' very soon, which will allow open and closed network spaces for individuals, campuses, or organizations to have conversations and connect more engagingly by not just what you post but also your natural behaviors SITA.

Wired2Perform provides many smart tools and features within the platform that rivals many other organizations like our meeting scheduler (similar to Calendly) that generates a custom URL for students to prioritize time, Calendar Analytics that help students see how they are spending their time, and a micro-social network to act as a hub for students to learn, become more self-aware, and connect with other people within their network or school.

We are excited to see students become a part of our growing community and the schools and universities that will learn more about their student population with deep insights from our platform. The best part, the data stays with the individual ongoing similar to commonly used social media networks you know and love. Allowing a lifetime of networking, self-awareness, and growth. And Wired2Perform will be right there growing with students every day to create a platform that enriches each user's life.

Author: Blake Wisz