Take The Guess Work Out of Hiring

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were 10.9 million job openings in the United States on the last business day of July. If that number doesn't shock you, you should also note over 72.6 Million hires and 65.6 separations, the term they use for employees changing or leaving a position. So, if you are a recruiter, business leader, or owner, you can see how hiring the right person the first time around is crucial to business success and protecting your bottom line.

The days of writing a job description and blasting it out to the obis of the internet to find the perfect candidate should be in the past where they belong. Resumes might show you positions an employee might have had or the roles they held, but they don't give you insight into how that person communicates, thinks, or has aspirations for the future. It is like watching the highlights of a football game without knowing what led to the actual plays in the first place.

So here is the pitch. Wired2Perform builds workforce agility for what's next and can give you visibility to a person you are hiring on multiple levels when they complete their profile. Firstly, applications take a personality assessment test based on behavioral science with over a ninety percent accuracy rating. Secondly, the applicant then meets their profile, sharing their skills, interests, talents, and aspirations to be shared with you to understand them on a deeper level, including their proficiencies in these areas.

That information is then shared back with you as the inviting organization. They benefit from learning to become more self-aware, and you benefit from basing an entire hire on experience only and robust insights. Your team can then take that information and make an informed decision. You are removing the guesswork, saving you time, and improving the overall experience for yourself and the applicant. They see that you are investing in them for a purpose rather than solely an asset for the organization.

To go back to my analogy earlier about the highlights in a Football game, we know it takes a well-built team for those reels even to be possible. It takes coordination of skills, interests, talents, and aspirations to position people for the best possible result. So we look forward to helping your organization build that team.

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Author: Blake Wisz