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Here at Wired2Perform, constant motion is key to our growth trajectory. We believe in trying new things every day and finetuning user experience to provide value at every turn.

At this point in time, human capital performance is something that’s stirring the conscience of CEOs and organizations in America. Employers want to do the best by their employees and provide them with spaces to engage and grow.

With the service we provide at Wired2Perform, this is exactly the kind of environment we facilitate.

Here’s how we prove it: We’ve introduced a handful of new features to our platform with one, simple mission: To increase your self-awareness and help you unlock greater personal growth and improve workplace performance.

Test out our new features!

Find network connections

Dying to show your boss/colleague/friend how cool our psychometric insights platform is? Send them a quick invite with a message about why you love what we do.Send them a quick invite with a message about why you love what we do.

Participate in our all-new referral program

At Wired2Perform, we believe in providing you with opportunities to grow, even financially. With our referral program, you can now gain up to 33% of the revenue we generate from your referee during their first year with us!

Get started by jumping onto your profile and clicking the ‘Referral’ button on the left-hand column. At the bottom-left, you will then see a button prompting you to begin referring!

Calculate your Entrepreneur Score

Many of our users dream of owning their own business or already do. The Entrepreneur Score is meant to help you understand how well your personality is suited to the demands of this type of role.

Find out your Adaptability and Coachability Score

We’re huge fans of helping people understand themselves better.

In line with this, we’ve introduced two, exciting new features that help you learn how comfortable you are in uncertain or changing environments and how well you can learn under direct advisement.

New Team Report additions

Another new feature we’re really proud of is our Team Report additions. With these new tools, you can dive deeper into team insights and understand how to further optimize performance and engagement!

What’s on the cards?

Apart from the exciting new features we can’t wait for our users to try out, we’ve also got a few in the works.

Find your closest match

Birds of a feather flock together. With the function, you will soon be able to find profiles and personalities similar to yours!

Compare your profile

Want to see how similar or different you are to someone you know? With our upcoming feature, compare your profile with those of your connections and colleagues.

Set up your Startup Team Profile

For users who run a startup, our soon-to-be-launched Startup Team Profile will help you gain a good understanding of what kind of team you manage and what you need to do to ensure long-term engagement and retention.

We also collaborated with Ryan Greenspan!

In our bid to increase self-awareness among the US workforce, we linked up with professional paintball player, Ryan Greenspan from San Diego Dynasty, to host an exclusive giveaway for his followers using the Wired2Perform test!

Here, the follower who got the closest DNA-based personality match to Ryan’s personality stood the chance to win a signed jersey from the man himself! Our winner turned out to be Joseph Vincent. Congratulations!

Catch Ryan’s video here: view now

Access Wired2Perform on-the-go on your mobile!

You can now access your insights wherever you are, right on your smartphone. You’re welcome.

Are you blown away by how much we’ve added to our platform?

If you’re as mindblown as we are about all the new features we’ve added, join the club!

All that’s left is for you to dive right in and test them out, yourself. Remember to keep logging in to your profile to see what new features we’re constantly adding onto our platform.

If you haven’t signed up with us yet, it’s never to let to become more self-aware. Signing up is free – no credit card information required.

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on any of our platforms! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Author: Raghu Misra