Wired2Perform announces integrations with leading enterprise messaging and collaboration platforms, Supercharging them with Behavioral Science Insights


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Wired2Perform, a workforce analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, announced the integration of its behavioral science insights with enterprise messaging and collaboration platforms, like Google Suite, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom and others to build workforce agility that caters towards Millennials and Gen-Zs, who are predicted to dominate 75% of the workforce by 2025.

The platform uses patent-pending features and people analytics tools to help employers build strong teams based on innate characteristics, skills, interests, talents, aspirations and opportunities, proven to increase employee productivity, happiness, and retention.

The company believes in a better approach to the workforce experience through self-awareness.

What value does Wired2Perfrom bring to the table?

At the core of Wired2Perform’s platform is a psychometric test coupled with patent-pending behavioral science and people analytics tools, which yield dynamic growth profiles for employees, including personalized insights to an individual’s personality and workplace behavior – strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and fears – in real-time.

The platform also calculates scores like Adaptability Score™ and Coachability Score™, among others, as these become important facets of the Future of Work as AI and automation increase the rate of change we see in what we do and how we do things.

Understanding behavioral science insights are critical to developing skills, maximizing workforce potential and performance, and ensuring workplace environments are as efficient as possible.

Wired2Perform is taking it a step further by layering these insights on top of existing tools and services many employers already use for an immediate increase in employee engagement through Behaviorally Smart™ communication, collaboration, and community-building.

Wired2Perform offers the following benefits to employers of all sizes:

  • Talent sourcing/hiring: Evolve from “fire-and-replace” to “up-skill-and-re-deploy”, increasing effective internal mobility.
  • Strategic change management: Understand the Adaptability Score™ and Coachability Score™ of an entire organization to create customized and effective change management programs.
  • Talent capacity management: Leaders can easily identify and manage top performers within a sustainable and repeatable framework to manage and prevent burnout.
  • Talent-role-team-customer matching: Robust recruitment process to match employee talents to specific roles, teams, and customers.
  • Behaviorally Smart™ Suite: Calendar, collaboration, and micro-social network designed to embed behavioral science into user’s lives and tools they use.

While the platform now integrates existing enterprise tools, it also provides employers with their own tools to optimize communication and direct task management.

The platform uses real-time editing capabilities to upload and edit notes, offering frictionless feedback and supporting anonymous reviews for constructive and continuous improvement. Another unique feature that is proprietary to Wired2Perform is the Clone feature that allows employees to boost efficiency and use their existing talent base to the best of their ability.

If an employee leaves the company, falls ill or isn’t available during a time-sensitive project, the employer can instantly identify who in the talent pool can step up and perform without missing a beat. They can also “replicate” top-performing individuals and see who in the talent pool can be up-skilled/re-skilled to fill in much-desired roles.

Building the workforce of the future with DNA behavior data

Understanding workforce talent and how to communicate effectively is a priceless tool for any individual and company management teams,” said Raghu Misra, founder and CEO of Wired2Perform.

At Wired2Perform, we are embedding behavioral science into platforms that companies are already using in order to maximize workforce talent and help individuals and businesses work more efficiently. Imagine having an employee’s behavioral profile automatically populate before joining a virtual meeting to understand you’re talking to a group of people who are skeptical and creative or to an initiator who is spontaneous and creative but prefers direct communication, which presents big-picture ideas with bottom-line options and opportunities. These are the insights employers and HR professionals need to build the workforce of the future.

About Wired2Perform

Wired2Perform is a workforce analytics platform that combines behavioral science and advanced analytics to sync people with the right opportunities and helps talent leaders grow, optimize, and access a more agile workforce. Built for the now-of-work, Wired2Perform continuously recalibrates individuals with new skills, interests, talents, and aspirations. It believes in changing the Future of Work into a more meaningful and harmonious space through the platform’s online community.

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Carey Jester
Media Relations for Wired2Perform

Author: Raghu Misra