Wired2Perform's Approach to Employee Onboarding

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Employee onboarding is an important process for any company. By understanding your new hire's needs, you are more likely to set them up for success. Wired2Perform has a five-step approach to employee onboarding that will ensure the best possible outcomes for both the company and the individual. The steps are as follows: 1) Employee Assessment Online, 2) Review Performance Factors, Scores, and Behavioral Styles, 3) Add Applicant to Existing Team Report to See How They Compare, 4) Review with New Hire 5) Share With Their Manager for Better Engagement. Suppose you're thinking about starting an employee onboarding process or want to improve your current one. In that case, it's worth checking out what our platform does to make sure employees understand themselves and can be placed in the proper role in the organization and feel like they belong from day one!

How it works is by starting with the highly accurate online behavioral assessment quiz that can be completed in a matter of 15 minutes or less. From here both the new employee is now added to the organizational account where the admins can review their new employee information to help with understanding the best way to communicate and what ways to engage or support their new hire. The new employee will also be able to utilize productivity tools like the Wired2Perform Calendar that provides deep analytics on how they spend their time and who with on a regular basis increasing workflow efficiency. They can see their assigned tasks, company updates in the home feed, or chat with other employees.

All of this makes a new employee feel engrained right into their new team. They also get the benefit of understanding the things that come naturally which also reveals the things they might need to work on to be at their best. Weekly, Wired2Perform allows managers or admins to ask questions to see how the new employee may be doing in their role through a built-in survey. Employees can also keep tabs on how they are feeling day to day with Employee Mood which they can review to see how they might be doing. These lead to higher engagement rates which we called the Wired2Perform effect allowing new employees to be more likely to stay with a new organization and feel they are a priority to their leaders.

We continue to see the rapid hiring and turnover of employees with remote work taking place. Have more visibility to your new employees when onboarding as well as existing employees in a matter of a few clicks. With our new monthly subscription pricing, it is even easier to begin using Wired2Perform in your business. Drive new results and better engagement using behavioral science and people analytics. Join us as we build workforce agility for what's next.

Author: Blake Wisz