With Wired2Perform®, embed behavioral science into Slack and enjoy insight-driven communication

Tap into organizational potential - one message at a time

With 88% of workers reporting that they aren’t passionate about their work, this ends up costing organizations annual losses amounting to approximately $450-$550 billion. During this new era of remote work, the pitfalls of disengaged employees are even more catastrophic.

That’s why companies now need to explore how they can ensure employees are constantly motivated, learning, and are supportive of each other.

With Wired2Perform’s all-new Slack integration, our goal is to help your teams communicate more powerfully by leveraging behavior insights, all of which are now accessible on each Slack Channel.

With our communication insights, you no longer have to mince your words - say what you mean, mean what you say, and get work done by understanding how the people you work with communicate.

How can Wired2Perform® revolutionize how you communicate on Slack?

  • Discover the unique communication, learning, and collaboration styles of your contacts to drive engagement
  • Enjoy an understanding of individual strengths and their special traits by inviting your Slack contacts to join Wired2Perform
  • Identify employees with specific talents and skills for relevant tasks and add them into Channels where needed

Connect with Wired2Perform® users on Slack and understand what to say and how to say it to get work done

Add Wired2Perform to Slack

Once you click the ‘Add to Slack’ button on our application, the OAuth process will begin and prompt you to choose your Slack workspace and will request permission to add Wired2Perform®.

Once you grant permission, Wired2Perform® will be installed as an add-on on Slack!