Hiring Generation Z: Recruitment tips for attracting the right talent

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Similar to the Millennial demographic, Generation Zs, or Gen Zs as they are known, are one of the most technologically savvy populations we’ve ever seen, requiring constant stimulation to stay engaged and needing much more than adequate financial compensation to remain loyal in the workplace. In this kind of environment, hiring Generation Z employees requires a tailored approach.

Indeed, employers, nowadays, are extremely interested in enlisting the contribution of Gen Zs given their novel way of approaching challenges and their familiarity with technologically-driven solutions.

In our post, we dive into tips that may serve you well in hiring Generation Z employees.

Customize working benefits to generational needs

With Gen Zs and even Millennials, higher pay and other traditional incentives, alone, aren’t enough to buy talent.

Before you come up with incentives, consider the needs of this generation and what they value beyond a pay hike or a big bonus at the end of the year. Given the level of student debt that the youth are grappling with, coming up with schemes to help them pay off their loans is not just useful but also tells recruits that you are committed to their growth and wellbeing.

This is just one example of how you can identify the needs of this population and tailor incentives to whatever is meaningful to them.

Consider remote working and part-time arrangements

As we move towards a workforce comprising a sizeable gig economy and bearing in mind the multi-passionate nature of many of today’s youth, remote working and part-time arrangements have become an appealing and practical option.

In fact, over the next 5 years, it is believed that 52% of the US workforce will either be working or will have worked as an independent contributor.

By offering Gen Z recruits these options, you will find that their overall satisfaction and enthusiasm is likely to be higher given that it allows them to pursue other projects and activities.

Leverage their soft skills

Another recommendation experts in the HR field have made is to leverage the soft skills Gen Zs possess in spades.

Whether it’s their communication skills, high levels of empathy or adaptive nature, tap into these traits in the workplace and give your employees the space to make the most of these endowments. Not only will this benefit your organization but also give Generation Z hires the chance to be who they are and contribute meaningfully to building a good work culture.

The end result? Improved cooperation and higher levels of employee engagement.

Tailor your communication to the habits and preferences of Gen Zs

Hiring Generation Z employees also requires you to reach out to them on channels they’re active on and through methods they’ll respond to. Needless to say, savvy social media posts and the use of the Stories feature, especially on Instagram and maybe even Snapchat, depending on your industry, is key.

If videos are more of your thing, stay in line with trends and keep your videos short and make sure they’re shot vertically. Vertical videos have higher engagement and completion rates compared to horizontal clips.

Personalize management to each employee to enhance individual potential

Millennials and Gen Zs hate the cookie-cutter mentality. Their experiences need to be personalized to their interests and preferences and this is the same when it comes to the workplace.

Here, discover who your employees really are and manage them in a way that responds to their behaviour, attitudes, and values. If this sounds easier said than done, the emergence of seriously functional psychometric tests takes the work right out of your hands.

Certain tests even allow you to dive deep into an employee’s behaviors, attitudes, and thought patterns relating to the workplace and their careers. These insights clue you in about their needs, wants, fears, communication styles, and other factors that make the management process significantly more data-driven.

Hiring Generation Z employees requires innovative thinking. Do you have what it takes?

Generation Z represents a pool of talent, potential and the future for employers around the world. Attracting this generation and asking them to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to your organization, therefore, requires creativity, compassion, and growth opportunities.

By following the tips set out above, make your company a top spot for dedicated and enthusiastic Gen Zs.

Author: Raghu Misra