How Personality Questionnaires Make Recruitment Easier

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Nowadays, the use of personality questionnaires is becoming a very popular practice in organizations across the US.

While the right kind of tests will ensure that you can use them long after the recruitment phase, recruitment still remains an area of focus for many psychometric assessments. So, the question that remains is, how do these questionnaires make recruitment easier?

Fortunately, in our blog post this week, we dive into some of the biggest benefits of using personality questionnaires at the recruitment phase. Continue reading for a closer look.

You choose individuals who make the right fit in your company

When it comes to recruitment, it’s common to look for candidates who have the skills and experience necessary for a certain kind of job. We rarely, if ever, stop to think about whether they make the right fit in our organizations.

This, however, is unquestionably important. Beyond skills and experience, it’s important to see how well an individual fits within certain teams and how their attitudes and behavior complements those around them. This is not something that can be gleaned from a résumé or a quick interview.

With the right personality questionnaires, you can gain a better understanding of how good a team player a particular candidate is and whether their attitudes align with the outlook required of certain positions. This fact, ultimately, reduces the possibility of turnover and improves job satisfaction significantly.

You pick the right person for the job

Despite possessing the right experience, skills, and even qualifications, certain individuals are just not meant for certain jobs. For instance, teachers who are well-educated, but lack the patience and compassion that is required of the noble profession.

This is why discovering hidden personality traits is crucial. By administering personality questionnaires, all kinds of organizations can ensure that the people they hire are meant for the jobs they’re applying for.

They’re also effective in improving employee engagement in the long run. This is particularly important because as the data shows, workplace engagement is on the decline in the US.

Data-driven recruitment eliminates the possibility of bias and discrimination

Discrimination in recruitment is a serious problem. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 84,254 workplace discrimination complaints were filed during the fiscal year in 2017.

If alleged, discrimination poses an additional nightmare for even the most conscientious companies in the form of expensive lawsuits.

With personality questionnaires, recruiters access personalized insights on every candidate, allowing them to base whatever decision they make on science-backed, objective, and verifiable data. When this is added to the traditional layers of the proper recruitment procedure, it adds a much-needed layer of legal defensibility. It also ensures that organizations choose candidates for all the right reasons.

Personality questionnaires make recruitment more efficient

If you’ve been thinking of introducing these tests at the final stage of recruitment, think again.

By adding personality questionnaires to the beginning of the hiring process, you screen candidates for essential attitudes and skills, instead of wasting your time and money by proceeding with the other stages, only to discover they aren’t the right fit.

Unlike just about any other method of screening, personality questionnaires allow you to look for core characteristics at the very outset, instead of waiting for them to manifest well into employment. These most commonly include characteristics like agreeableness, leadership skills, self-motivation, creative thinking, adaptability, and other important metrics of employee performance.

Essentially, the hidden characteristics that are, ultimately, the most decisive, are revealed early on in the hiring process. This saves HR managers a significant amount of time, resources, and effort.

Key takeaways

Personality questionnaires have proven to be effective at the recruitment stage time and time again.

Providing you choose the right tests, you can enjoy a number of benefits that are otherwise hard to come by – reduce discrimination and bias, expedite the recruitment phase, and make the right choice for your organization.

As the world moves towards greater human intelligence and personalized experiences, personality questionnaires will, arguably, play one of the most important roles in the future of work.

Which personality questionnaire will improve my recruitment process?

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Author: Raghu Misra