How to Choose the Right Personality Assessment

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In high-powered organizations today, recruitment, HR management, team building, and training is driven by the all-powerful personality assessment.

Given the multiple benefits these psychometric tests bring to the table, this trend isn’t really surprising. Certain platforms even guarantee an increase in revenue by 23%, an improvement in employee productivity by 40% and team productivity by 70%.

This bounty can only be enjoyed, however, if the right personality assessment is chosen, and this is certainly not as easy as it sounds. With 47% of companies using outdated HR software, a mass trend towards modern tests is on the horizon. In our post today, we take a look at what you need to keep in mind when you’re choosing a workplace psychometric test.

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Choose tests that are scientifically validated

There are numerous personality assessments available today, all of which claim to be the right fit for your organization.

One of the best ways to distinguish between a personality assessment that will actually provide you with actionable insights – and one that’s a waste of money – is scientific validation. To begin with, ask yourself the question: Is the test based on scientific findings?

To fulfil this criterion, a test must conform to the definition of scientific validity defined by the international scientific community. The company that provides the test must also provide evidence of this, ideally by publishing the results of the validity and reliability studies conducted. The availability of evidence, alone, however, isn’t enough – it’s essential to dig deeper.

With the results of these tests in hand, it’s important to look into factors like sample size, the representativeness of the study’s subjects, when the study was conducted, and other relevant indicators. These will help you come to your own conclusions about the test’s ability to deliver in the workplace.

If these aren’t available, make sure you inquire about it and take a look at the results before you choose a personality assessment for your organization. Alternatively, you can also look for a certification granted by a recognised scientific body.

Invest in a multi-purpose platform that can be customized

Another criterion to keep in mind in the selection process is multi-purpose use. Can your chosen test be used at the recruitment stage and for long-term HR management?

Many organizations tend to choose assessments that are solely useful at the recruitment stage. What happens here is that once you hit a pause on hiring and training, these tests become practically useless.

With the right personality assessment, you can discover employee insights across a number of HR management activities. Apart from hiring and training, these include tasks like devising incentive and compensation schemes, team-building, and employee talent management.

Apart from being useful in this manner, it’s also important that your chosen personality assessment allows you to customize it according to your own needs. Whether this includes automating the team-building process, identifying and establishing certain skills and attitudes necessary for new job openings, or matching an employee profile with a certain task, the right platform shapes itself to meet your requirements.

Opt for a psychometric platform that’s user-friendly

Another important consideration to bear in mind is the ease with which you can access, understand, and leverage the insights generated by your chosen test.

The best personality assessments don’t require you to receive external help or incur extra costs in order to be understood and applied. The tests themselves should, ideally, be quick and intuitive allowing employees and recruits to take them with minimal confusion.

By fully understanding the insights at your fingertips, it becomes easier for you to start making the right changes to workplace policies, teams and other employee strategies that may have yielded little to no success in the past.

Introduce the right psychometric assessment for an all-new work environment

Nowadays, organizations can’t just settle for meeting employee needs – they need to anticipate them ahead of time and customize the workspace to reflect these preferences.

With a personality assessment that conforms to the requirements set out above, meeting these needs is entirely within your grasp. By understanding each employee’s needs, wants, skills, and challenges, it’s easier to unlock their full potential.

All of this, ultimately, drives employee productivity, engagement, and retention – crucial prerequisites for organizational growth and success.

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Author: Raghu Misra