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Millions of workers every year enter careers or fields that they are not suitably prepared for.

This points to a startling lack of self-awareness. Social impact aside, unhappy and unengaged workers lead to losses of $450-$550 billion dollars a year, in the United States alone.

Everyone deserves to be self-aware. The tools to remedy this problem of cognizance are already available to such people as corporate executives, elite athletes, and the other prominent figures in our society. Why shouldn’t everyone have the ability to optimize themselves?

Creating an ecosystem for

human capital performance


Of Workforce

Are not passionate about their jobs, rather they spend a significant part of their daily life looking outward.



Many workers spend 10-20+ years in their career only to find out they could have been happier doing something else.


Of University Students

lose progress on their degree as a result of frequent major changes

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At Wired2Perform, leverage our platform to understand your unique personal insights – your strengths, challenges, interests, and aspirations. Through the power of self-awareness, create a personalized career plan and become a high performer today!

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Self-awareness Creates Better Outcomes For Our Youth

At Wired2Perform, our goal is to help our youth discover how they’re wired.

Our tool integrates personalized insights from DNA behavior to help the youth identify fields of study suited to their personalities. We benchmark these against the parameters of over 100 vocations*, helping the youth find the careers they’re meant for.

Leverage our career, life, and executive coaching services to improve career prospects and revolutionize the workplace.

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