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How recruitment software can help you hire the right person – not the right resume

Hiring and screening processes are increasingly being automated and recruitment software is largely used by employers to help them hire the right talent for their companies. Traditional methods of hiring are taking a back seat and new tech is being used and embraced by recruiters and employers alike.However, the perfect candidate may have an untraditional career path with different but related qualifications and experience. In such instances, how can you make a calculated decision to hire the perfect person – and not the perfect resume – for the job? This is where recruitment software comes into play.

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How to manage remote teams during COVID-19

While entire companies were forced to manage remote teams within weeks, which was a challenge in and of itself, managers were persuaded to adapt their management style to fit the unique needs of remote teams.So, how can managers lead remote teams without the ability to observe employees in action?


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Why self-awareness is the key to remote working?

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Is remote work the new normal?

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5 strategies for effective remote employee management

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There’s only one right way to fire an employee – here’s how to do it

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PRESS RELEASE: Tech Company, Wired2Perform, Sets Out to Enhance Human Capital Performance

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4 things you need to consider when you hire remote workers

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How to improve communication with co-workers during social distancing

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How Employee Personality Tests Improve HR Management


Employee Motivation, Employee Productivity

How to help your team stay productive while they work from home.

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What is Psychometric Testing?