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Save Time and Money with Talent Replacement Technology

When having to go through a talent replacement process, recruiters need to consider multiple criteria to prepare for the replacement, such as identifying the skills required.

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Employee Productivity

Decrease Employee Turnover & Time Wasted, Here's How.

In North America, a study showed that 63% of organizations keep track of the causes of employee turnover. These eye-opening statistics show that 81% of employees left for better opportunities, 62% were for family and personal reasons, 41% due to relocation, 39% for a better base salary, and 29% were for a career change. These statistics are not merely numbers but tremendous losses for an organization.


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Wired2 Perform Remote Working

Employee Productivity

Drive Effective Communications Using Behavioral Science

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Be the best team you can be, together. #ValentinesDay

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Should Students Be Studying Themselves?

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Employee Productivity

Is Your Organization Positioned to Start Reskilling?

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Diversity and Inclusion Make Teams Great

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Press Release: Wired2Perform® and Kuza Biashara Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Youth in Africa and Across the Globe


New Not-for-profit Sapna Foundation Created to Help The Recently-Displaced Workforce To Sync Their Talents With Opportunities - Without Having to Rely Solely on Resumés


Wired2Perform announces integrations with leading enterprise messaging and collaboration platforms, Supercharging them with Behavioral Science Insights

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Employee Productivity

Behavioral science to the rescue: A better way to operate and collaborate in the now of work.

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Understanding the appropriate leadership style for crisis management